Rotary Student Program

Rotary Student Program Club Founder and Chair, Jackie Huie
Promoted by Rotary International, the Rotary Student Program is designed to help high school students explore career interests before making important decisions on college and career. Hosted by Rotarians, high school participants meet with professionals in reverse interview settings, gaining the unique opportunity to personally ask key questions, explore career dreams and verify or redirect interests. Coordinated by well-networked Rotarians, the sky is the limit for meeting connections created from CEOs of major corporations to small business owners, surgeons to architects, sports legends to best-selling authors. For more information, visit


Rotary Student Essay Contest Scholarship

Rotary Student Essay Scholarship Contest Chair, Jenny Fee
Partnering with Berrien RESA, the Rotary Student Essay Scholarship Contest is open to one senior nominated from each high school in Berrien County, plus one homeschool student nominated by RESA. Each student has an opportunity to demonstrate their social studies and English Language Arts skills by composing an essay on a contemporary topic chosen by our committee. Scholarship recipients receive $2,000, $1,500 and $500 awards.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Chair, Cindy Igoe
Sponsored and organized by Rotary, ‘RYLA’ is an intensive three-day retreat to help students develop skills as leaders, while having fun and making connections. At a retreat hosted by the Battle Creek Outdoor Center, students work on communication and problem-solving skills, learn from community leaders and peer mentors, learn more about Rotary, and build lasting relationships with like-minded young adults.

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